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General Questions

During reservation period, is the SIM card dedicated only to us?

During your own reservation, only you (using the log-in you reserved it with) are able to test using that particular SIM card.

Why should I use MOCOCHECK?

With MOCOCHECK, you are able to ensure two things: quality of service and security of your mobile profit. MOCOCHECK enables you to ensure the quality of your mobile, messaging or voice services by testing them before releasing. Test the service for Direct operator billing to ensure that operators charge correctly.


MOCOCHECK is the only worldwide high-performance mobile testing platform for: 

  • Bulk SMS
  • Premium SMS
  • Mobile Internet Browsing 
  • Direct Carrier Billing
  • Voice Premium

Do I have to reserve my testing time?

Each of our numbers can only be used by one client at a time. Therefore, it is mandatory to make a reservation before testing on a selected operator.

How can I start testing with MOCOCHECK?

You simply signup using the website form and our account manager will immediately contact you.

Is 3G/4G Mobile Internet browsing supported?

Currently, 3G Mobile internet browsing is available everywhere. Some mobile operators allow pre-paid users to connect and use 4G speeds, and we activate the option wherever we are able to.

In how many countries is MOCOCHECK available?

For the moment, we offer testing services in nearly 60 countries. We continue to increase our reach and improve our service week by week. Feel free to review our complete coverage and supported services in our Coverage

Which Internet Browser should I use MOCOCHECK with?

MOCOCHECK is best used with Mozilla Firefox for personal computers. This is due to the unique Firefox plugin that enables direct browsing testing through MOCOCHECK. At the moment, there are no plans to extend support to other browsers.

Can I use MOCOCHECK to test 3rd party products and services?

Yes, you can use MOCOCHECK for market investigation purposes. Check how similar existing services behave from end user perspective on available markets.

Commercial Questions

Is there a time limit?

You may reserve a SIM card for a time limited between 10 and 60 minutes. If you need more time, you may make another reservation afterwards with a mandatory pause of 5 minutes between two reservations.

Are there any spending or usage limits for using MOCOCHECK?

Yes, we have limited the service to 2 hours per day in total. Of course, you can use MOCOCHECK more than 2 hours if needed. In that case, you will be charged the heavy user service fee of additional 25%.

Is there any modem reservation limit?

There is no reservation limit as to the number of modems you would like to use. You can reserve as many modems as you need during the day. The only precondition is that they are available in the timeslot you need.

What is a heavy user fee?

When using MOCOCHECK for more than 2 hours a day, we will add 25% heavy user service charge to you invoice. You can also contact us 2 days prior to ensure that your test amount can be exceeded.

Can you organize higher amount of prepaid credits for additional testing? What is the procedure and are there any additional costs for this?

In case you are planning extended testing for which you require higher prepaid credits amount, you need to notify MOCOCHECK support at least one week in advance so we can prepare more prepaid credits on certain SIM-card. In that case, we also charge a heavy user service fee of 25%.

Why are some services not available in all countries?

MOCOCHECK offers testing of all services available at a certain market. There are some cases where certain services are not available because of regulations or because an operator does not support the capability. For example, direct operator billing is not available in all countries.

Is there a trial account?

We offer a one-week trial account with included access to prepaid SIM-cards for a market of your choice from our coverage.

Do you offer solution without modem reservation?

Bulk SMS delivery testing solution doesn’t require modem reservation and isn’t subject to usage time limits.

Can we modify markets in the agreement and how does this work?

Yes, your account can be modified on a monthly basis. Depending on the package you are using, you can get one modification per month with no additional charges, while other changes are charged according to the contract.

How can I sign-up for the service?

You just select sign up link on the webpage, fill out the form and our account manager will get in touch with you immediately.

Troubleshooting & Tips

While trying to login to MOCOCHECK I get the message „Account expired“. What does this mean?

The message is displayed in case your trial or full testing account has expired. If you wish to continue using MOCOCHECK, we invite you to sign up for a full account, or contact us to extend your contract.

I can’t find certain mobile operator in the modem reservations section. Have I done something wrong?

In case a modem is available only on demand (such as all Canadian or Swedish operators or Bouygues in France), the modem will not be visible to you unless you contact us 24h in advance requesting the modem.

If by chance the modem is undergoing maintenance, this will be visible in the MOCOCHECK News section, in the MOCOCHECK testing GUI.

How do you handle if user1 and user2 reserve the same mobile network simultaneously?

In case two users try to make a reservation for the same time interval, the user who clicked the Reserve button first will get the reservation. The user who clicked last will receive the message that the reservation cannot be made at that time, and will be offered the earliest possible time slot.

SMS is not being received on SIM card.

If you’re not receiving premium SMS messages on a SIM card, please check whether:

  • You have an active reservation for that SIM card
    • Otherwise, the message may be received by MOCOCHECK, but won’t be assigned to your account
  • You are sending to the correct MSISDN
    • Otherwise, the message may not be reaching the right number at all
  • You are sending from a SIM that has enough credits, or you are sending from a working SMS gateway
    • Otherwise, the message won’t have been sent at all

If you’re not receiving bulk SMS messages on a SIM card, please check whether:

  • The modems are active and ready to receive messages using the API status method
    • Otherwise, the modem may be down for maintenance
  • You’re sending from a working SMS gateway
    • Otherwise, the message won’t have been sent at all
  • You’re sending with your designated bulk test keyword
    • Otherwise, MOCOCHECK won’t know the message should be forwarded to you
  • Your bulk route is functional (especially cross-country)
    • Otherwise, the message either won’t be delivered or will be delayed

If these steps do not help, please send us a report using the “Report an Issue” button.

Mobile Internet page is not opening.

If you cannot open the Mobile internet page, please check whether:

  • The webpage can be pinged normally, or through a proxy in the target country.
    • Otherwise, the page may not be reachable from that country due to DNS issues
  • The webpage can open normally from a standard browser
    • Otherwise, the page won’t be reachable through MOCOCHECK
  • There is enough credit on the reserved SIM card
    • Different operators have different Internet traffic fees
  • You are using the MOCOCHECK Firefox plugin
    • While browsing is possible through other browsers, the Firefox plugin allows for improved rendering and behaviour of JS and AJAX-enabled pages
  • The browser plugin displays a “Modem currently unavailable” message.
    • The modem could not successfully connect to the 3G/4G network; please retry your request

If these steps do not help, please send us a report using the “Report an Issue” button.

Prepaid amount was not deducted from SIM card

If you notice that the prepaid amount wasn’t deducted from the SIM card, one of several things might have happened:

  • Your reservation had expired before the mobile operator billed you
    • The delayed billing will be added to your reservation when detected afterwards
  • The country you’re testing has a separate mobile billing system
    • At the moment, this only applies to Swedish SIMs due to the WyWallet payment system
  • You are using a special, on-demand SIM card
    • Your SIM card usage will be sent to you after the reservations have ended
  • SIM Card might have reached a defined monthly spending limit
    • Some operators have monthly defined spending limits for premium services. This may happen while you are testing closer to the end of the month. We are working with operators to increase or remove such limits. In case the limit cannot be lifted, it is usually automatically reset at the beginning of the next month.

I receive the message ‘limit authorized was exceeded’. What does this mean?

This message means that your trial account has sent or received more messages than it is allowed in the trial period, or you exceeded the number of browsing tests allowed. To continue the trial or sign up for a full account, please contact us

Technical Questions

Does API include Original Encoded PDU information?

Along with other capabilities, we plan to add support for sending a raw, original encoded PDU.

Why do we need to make modem reservation?

Modem reservations are necessary for two reasons: firstly, we provide you with a period of uninterrupted SIM time that you and only you can use, and secondly, it allows us to bill you accurately for your usage.

Does MOCOCHECK provide any help?

Of course! MOCOCHECK provides detailed technical guidance. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, or have additional questions, please contact us via

Will the API include Original Encoded PDU information?

Along with other capabilities, we plan to add support for sending a raw, original encoded PDU.

Where can I see the API description?

The API description can be viewed in our API Playground.

Can I use MOCOCHECK from my country or on the go?

MOCOCHECK can be used from anywhere in the world, even if you are working remotely, away from your home country.

Can I schedule an automated test case with MOCOCHECK?

Using the MOCOCHECK API you can perform automated tests without using the GUI. This is available for Bulk SMS and Premium SMS testing. In case of Premium SMS testing, a modem reservation is still needed, but that is also available through the API.

Is MOCOCHECK working with real SIM cards?

MOCOCHECK provides only real prepaid SIM cards for testing. This way you will get the same results as if you were there with your own SIM.

Which services can be tested?

We offer a wide range of testing service, from Bulk SMS and Premium SMS to Mobile browsing, Direct carrier billing and Voice premium testing.

When testing Bulk and Premium SMS we can deliver the following results:


  • Handset delivery date and timestamp
  • number portability – does the SMS get delivered if the number was ported
  • latency: the time that the SMS took to reach the device


  • An SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) response
  • Sender ID sent and Sender ID received comparison
  • SMSC that was used for message delivery
  • concatenated SMS
  • content integrity – see if the content was changed or truncated (shortened)
  • special characters display testing – did the message arrive in its native language and script?
  • Billing – did your message cost you as much as you set the price?

Result delivery:

  • For Bulk testing – confirmation in the form of a delivery report, either to your e-mail or to a HTTP or HTTPS service
  • For Premium testing – all incoming and outgoing messages are kept in your inbox, accessible over the GUI and API

Testing Direct carrier billing

We offer real time billing test by use of real Prepaid SIM cards, so the mobile payment provider or aggregator can see immediately in real time if the billing has been executed. There is no need to wait until end of month for the invoice to control the billing.

Do I need to buy any kind of Hardware or Software?

MOCOCHECK is a web application that uses our own hardware. We offer a well-designed user interface that allows you to perform all tests. You are also able to use our API to integrate the testing into your system. None of these options requires any hardware or software on your end – you just log into your account and that’s it!